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Each day, the media informs us of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in health. A new “silver bullet” answer appears with great certainty and within a few weeks fades into the background only to be replaced by another. It is no wonder most of us are confused!

The notion that there is one magical answer to health and wellness is being replaced with the concept of synergy, where preventative practices and mindful-living are bubbling to the surface as key components to sustainable wellness. Notice I used the word “practice-s.” These practices include wise choices concerning daily food intake, nutritional supplements, exercise, stress management and spiritual practices. In short, as our life expectancy continues to grow we must commit to the wisdom and art of “living well.”

My aim is to direct you to resources that will help you to cultivate a collection of tools and practices to support you on your path to greater wellness. Explore and discover and enjoy the journey of creating a life of greater ease and wellness. ~ USANA Health Sciences ~ Searching for high quality nutritional supplements? USANA Health Sciences is the site for you. In an industry lacking adequate regulation, USANA’s products shine. USANA’s high marks include pharmaceutical grade products manufactured with strict adherence to GMP standards. For me, this means quality found nowhere else.

Dr. Northrup ~ Women’s wellness has been gifted with a phenomenal resource in board certified ob/gyn Dr. Christiane Northrup. Indoctrined in the world of western medicine over 30 years ago, Dr. Northrup has since developed her unique healing paradigm that emphasizes creating physical and emotional well being through a wide variety of modalities. I highly recommend adding New York Times bestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and the Wisdom of Menopause to your wellness library. ~ Biomat Authorized Dealer - The products offered by BioMat Network are the result of extensive research and have been specifically designed to use the power of nature, with the latest in technology, to help ease stress and pain. Using these products will result in a more balanced life in the present, and greatly improve long-term health.


Environmental Working Group ~ Environmental Working Group ~ Looking for quality information regarding the safety of a wide variety of products used and purchased daily? This is an excellent site for up to date information on health and chemical toxicities as well as practical tips on how to stay chemical free and GREEN! Download the “Dirty Dozen” card for a convenient guide to purchasing pesticide-free produce. ~ Hay House Publishing ~ Looking for a collection of authors and speakers teaching mindful living and creative wellness? If so this is the site for you? World renown cutting-edge thinkers sharing their wisdom of health and prosperity through writings, live presentations and travel excursions. Curious? Begin exploring and discover the possibilities.

Daily Om ~ The Daily OM ~ My favorite site to support the grace and ease that accompanies daily practice of mindfulness! I’ll let you check it out and decide for yourself… Ommmmmmmm….