Still Ripple Acupuncture

Annapolis Acupuncture

Dianna Sisas

“Still Ripple” ~ Stillness within movement, movement within stillness ~ paired opposites that symbolize my philosophy of wellness. In Chinese medicine opposites not only exist side-by-side, they emerge from one another. In our modern world filled with constant movement, I am committed to teaching my clients to find greater access to the stillness and calm that resides within.

Studies continue to prove the benefits of acupuncture in healing a multitude of imbalances. Still Ripple is more than just a typical acupuncture practice. Here, we are partners, exploring together lifestyle shifts that support your healing. Over time, you develop the mindfulness to fine tune personal practices that allow for greater balance. Together we witness the gifts that emerge from this powerful place of centeredness.


Dianna Sisas LAc. MAc. 443.994.5118